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Cleaning Your Printer

FX  BSI post COVID we are all a little more diligent with keeping our workspaces clean.

To improve the level of cleanliness in your office. We recommend in addition to following the cleaning section in the user manual for your device, the following be implemented on a regular basis;

  • Ensure the multi functional device (MFD)  / printer is turned off.

  • Wearing a pair of disposable gloves, spray an Isopropyl alcohol based cleaner (60- 90%) onto a disposable cloth (never onto the MFD) and gently wipe the surfaces outlined below. Alternatively, an alcohol wipe may also be used.

  • When finished, throw the disposable gloves, cloth and or alcohol wipe into the bin.

  • Please note, the picture below is for a generic model and your MFD / printer may differ.

FXBSI: How to clean your photocopier

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