Cloud & Mobile Solutions

Access to information anywhere, anytime while maintaining high levels of security and control. As a growing company, you are having to spend more resources managing your data than you would like. Is your workforce is out and about all day, working remotely, or accessing multiple devices across multiple locations, and your current IT facilities cannot keep up? 


FX Business Solutions Illawarra has the solution. 

A centralised cloud-based management system that gives authorised users access to the information they need, wherever they are.


No investment in infrastructure required. With our solutions you can adapt quickly and easily to the market, while still maintaining high levels of security and control. Click to view our cloud & mobile solutions or take it all in by scrolling down the page.

Cloud Connected Apps

A connected workforce, whether on the road or in the office, relies on a variety of devices to do their jobs at multiple remote locations from which to send or retrieve documents and information.

Multifunction devices give customers the freedom to work where and how they want to - with direct connectivity to Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™, OneDrive® / OneDrive for Business®, SharePoint Online® and Working Folder through Cloud Service Hub.

Scan directly to or print from popular cloud-based repositories, easily share documents with individuals or groups without the hassle of multiple steps. It’s all possible, right from the device.


Key Benefits

  • Save time by retrieving files in a snap from multiple cloud platforms through a single sign-on, as well as scan and print documents to and from these cloud services.

  • Single, efficient step to share scanned files with other collaborators.

  • Browse files from these cloud services through an aggregate search across multiple cloud services without having to remember where exactly you have stored them.

Cloud Service Hub offers users the ability to print on the go - for example, in business meetings, all you need to do is to access the cloud folder and hit "print" instead of walking to your computer to locate the file to print. Watch the videos below:



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Fuji Xerox DCVIIC7773 8 Portable UI Mobile App

Fuji Xerox DCVIIC7773 8 Portable UI Mobile App

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Fuji Xerox Cloud Services Hub

Fuji Xerox Cloud Services Hub

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Cloud & Mobile Solutions

Data Cloud

Cloud Serice Hub

Move faster, surer and more securely with Cloud Service Hub.

Cloud Service Hub takes working in the cloud to the next level. It helps businesses already in the cloud make their day-to-day operations even more efficient by offering a user-friendly, secure and seamless scan-store-print workflow.

Work Desk

Skydesk Business Cloud Service

How to manage your prospects and sales activities to complete the sales process effectively?


Businesses are moving towards customer-centricity as a key to success. As customers are the most important assets of a company, building lasting customer relationships is a strategic advantage.


Business Cloud Collaboration Service provides a positive customer experience which helps to increase sales effectiveness, resolve bottlenecks drive, repeat business and customer satisfaction. 

SkyDesk Business Cloud Collaboration Service is equipped with applications necessary for business use, such as customer relationship management, providing business card sharing and management service, analytics tool, online document management, website visitors tracking system.


Our services are accessible through mobile applications to manage time and business on the go.

Missing Piece

Enterprise Portal & Collaboration

Break out of the silos and use your data smartly.

To maintain competitiveness, it is vital that information are shared and not reside in silos.


Collaboration and content sharing will allow for fast information discovery, better decision making and increased productivity. Relevant and reliable content will also need to be delivered accurately, timely and in a usable form. 

White File Folders

Enterprise Content Managment

A better way to manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation.

How can you manage, control and secure your information assets and content?

Enterprise Content Management offers a better way to manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation. With Enterprise Content Management, you can capture, store and share documents/content as well as optimise navigation, search, and information discovery through content classification.


This can help to improve customer and staff engagement, ensure compliance, and automate business processes.

Data on a Touch Pad

On-Demand Print

Cloud On-Demand Print is a great cost-effective solution for your mobile workers. It enables your staff to print from their mobile device or PC across the internet and release the job securely at any printer of their choice.

Magazine Pile

Business Process Management

Automate your processes and increase your productivity.

How can you automate your processes and increase your productivity?


Business Process Management can simplify process automation. With Business Process Management, process automation becomes more modular and easier to create as a series of calls to internal and external processes and applications.


  • Workflow Automation that streamlines processes for businesses to drive action and improve visibility by linking people to information and task.

  • Workflow Solutions including Invoice Matching, Expense Claims, Document Control, Accounts Receiveable, Compliance Management and Contract Management.

  • Integration to other systems such as Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and SharePoint.