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No two businesses are exactly alike.

Each business is made up of a unique blend of people, processes & technology.

Why take a one-size-fits-all approach to solving business problems?


FX Business Solutions Illawarra offers a range of photocopiers, printers and software solutions for creating, producing, distributing and capturing documents which extend far beyond the standard print, copy , scan and fax functionality.

Let FX  BSI help you...

Reduce Costs

The average cost associated with documents in a business account for up to 6% of annual revenues. Yet almost three quarters of organisations have not measured the cost of resources like paper or storage associated with their documents — not to mention all of the invisible costs associated with poor process, duplication of effort or lost productive time.


These hidden, and often unnecessary costs can go by unnoticed and unmanaged, impacting your business’ profitability.


Find out how you can reduce and control costs associated with documents in your business with a FX  BSItailored solution.

Stay Secure

You know the value of your confidential data. A breach in document security could result in unauthorised use, modification or disclosure – not to mention the average cost of a data breach in Australia is $2 million.


Today’s documents take shape in not only the traditional hard copy forms, but also in electronic forms on desktops and in email.


Companies must be prepared by securing  documents and systems that contain their most valuable asset – knowledge.

Find out how FX  BSIcan provide a solution for your business to keep your data secure as well as ensure compliance to regulatory requirements.

Choose Sustainability

People the world over are increasingly conscious of the needs of the global environment and the pressures being placed on our natural resources by our modern lifestyles.

FX  BSI is committed to sustainability, both in terms of reducing our own environmental impacts, and helping our customers to do the same.


Contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation on the path to a sustainable future that makes business sense.


The amount of information created every year in paper and digital formats combined grows every year.  Not only that, but up to 80% of it comes in an unstructured format.


Some reports suggest up to 28% of the typical workday is wasted by interruptions caused by unnecessary information, with 42% of people accidentally using the wrong information at least once per week

Interactions between people via email, messaging and social networks are only increasing. 


Today’s modern business relies on a variety of technologies such as laptops, smart phones, scanners and printers, and many other systems and tools.

Find out how you can streamline your business to help your employees stay productive – and happy.

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