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Moving Your Printer

Before moving your managed office device please contact us to discuss the options available with regards to moving the device, and update the details of the printer with our support team.​

  • Do not move any managed device until you speak to your service provider to discuss the move. Moving a managed device without notifying your service provider could void any warranty or contract obligations.

  • Do not tilt or turn it upside down as the inside of the printer may become contaminated with toner, which can cause damage to the printer or adversely affect print quality.

  • Remove any paper or other media from the output tray. If the output tray extension is open, close it.

  • Remove any paper from the paper tray.

  • When moving the printer, do not tilt it more than 10 degrees in any direction. Tilting the printer more than 10 degrees can cause toner spillage.

  • If you are moving the printer over a long distance, remove the drum cartridge and toner cartridge to prevent toner from spilling.

Empty Truck

Please get in touch with our support team prior to moving a managed device.

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