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Workflow Automation Solutions

Through automation and digitisation, you can boost productivity, improve quality, and free up skilled staff for more important work.

Embrace the transformative power of automation...

Are you looking to simplify how your employees get work done, improve processes and work smarter? 

Perhaps you are looking to become an insights-driven business?

Together with our partners FX Business Solutions Illawarra can help you redesign, deploy and support the workflow and processes you need to meet your objectives. Simple easy to implement adjustments can be made to enhance your work processes and free your staff from administration heavy functions for more meaningful tasks.

FX Business Solutions Illawarra offers simple yet sophisticated Workflow Automation solutions to help your business save money and be more efficient.  To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Enhance operational agility & optimise resource allocation...

Workflow Automation Features:

  • Workflow Automation streamlines processes for businesses to drive action and improve visibility by linking people to information and task.

  • Workflow Solutions including Invoice Matching, Expense Claims, Document Control, Accounts Receivable, Compliance Management and Contract Management.

  • Integration to other systems such as Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and SharePoint.

Workflow Automation Benefits:

  • Integrate information from multiple systems and maximise the value of data.

  • Reduce costs by replacing manual and paper processes with digital workflows.

  • Improve data accuracy by capturing information more accurately.

  • Accelerate the speed in decision making and approval process.

  • Improve visibility in business processes and the stage of decision making.

  • Proven workflow management solutions that result in operational excellence and greater productivity.

FX Business Solutions Illawarra has helped thousands of businesses like yours dramatically reduce the cost of printing, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Office employee
Colleagues at Work

Example: Accounts Payable

Why automate your accounts payable process?

Automating your accounts payable process is more than simply optimising workflows. You gain very real business benefits, including a fit for purpose solution that can integrate where and how you need it to.  













Remove the paper risk

Paper comes risks – from compromising information and limited reporting capabilities, to manual processing errors and delays. By reviewing your process from end-to-end and integrating automation, you uncover opportunities to:

  • Improve your cash management with easier and more accurate reporting

  • Reduce manual tasks, errors and the need for human intervention

  • Create efficiencies through optimised workflows and existing system integration

  • Increase staff engagement and productivity

  • Reduce invoice handling and processing costs

  • Better store, manage, access and retrieve data

  • Enhance your data security, through secure cloud document management

  • Streamline how you process payments, approvals and vendors

Reviewing a process from the inside can be tricky. That’s why FX Business Solutions Illawarra, along with our partner FUJIFILM Upstream Solutions, offers one-on-one time with an automation specialist.

With extensive experience in a variety of automation programs, we have the skill to work with your existing systems to ensure seamless integration and optimise existing processes.

Not sure where to start?

Let our automation experts show you Workflow Automation in action and guide you through the process...

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