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The new "Apeos" offers advanced features with high security level and easy operability to help business diversify with times. "Apeos" devices are able to connect smoothly with a variety of solutions and services to realise an all new agile remote workstyle of working anytime, anywhere.

A wide range of products — ranging from the smallest and lightest printer in its class Note1 that is ideal for over-the-counter operations, to multifunction devices which are critical for business operations, to high-performance multifunction devices that produce superior-quality images suitable for professional use — these devices will support versatile workstyles adopted by various industries and businesses.

Fuji Apeos Range

The products are equipped with a 10.1-inch or 2.8-inch operation panel according to the size of each model. The user interface is intuitively designed using black as the background and different colors to represent various functions for better engagement and clarity.

To resolve security related challenges faced during remote working, the ApeosPro / Apeos C series also feature enhanced security measures for network connections and prevention of information leaks from data stored in the devices.

The new Apeos brand encompasses multifunction devices and printers to related solutions and services. Providing an integrated solution through our comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, solutions and services, thus accelerating their business success.

Apeos Range Highlights

ApeosPro series (one model, three products)

  • Sophisticated multifunction printers that balance both professional high-image printing as well as features that serve office printing use

  • Recommended for use in daily office operations and functions that require printing of catalogs / sales collaterals in-house

Apeos C series (three models, 10 products)

  • Robust security features enabling a secure working environment 

  • Supports versatile work styles with data protection security capabilities, thus creating seamless workflow and efficiency

ApeosPrint series (one model, one product)

  • Smallest and lightest in its class Note 1 with capability in high-speed, high-image printing, thus improving work productivity

  • Supports businesses with limited office space such as retail stores and hospital receptions

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