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FXBSI: Medical Practice | Healthcare Office Solutions

General & Specialist Medical Practices

Healthcare Solutions

Modernise your practice by digitising document intensive processes, and give staff more time to look after patient needs. 

Let FX  BSI help you...

See more patients & serve them better

The more processes you change from paper-based to digital, the more you can help improve patient care.

FX Illawarra can help you increase the efficiency of your practice with simple to use, secure solutions that reduce the amount of paper changing hands.

By working with you to digitise key processes, we can help you improve:

  • information security, 

  • reduce the cost of printing and storing paper files, and

  • provide instant access to information that helps improve both the patient experience and the practice bottom line.

Start by digitising a single process, or transform your practice from end-to-end
– securely, reliably and compliantly. 

Develop Document & Workflow Solutions

Digitisation gives your practice the power to handle all that ‘paperwork’ far more efficiently.


Digitising, automating,
and optimising document workflows offer  medical practices many benefits, including an average 35% reduction in costs, 42% reduction in paper documents, and 52% reduction in errors.*

  • Simplify workflows to reduce admin costs.

  • Streamline patient registration and other processes with eForms.

  • Free up staff to focus on patient wellbeing.

  • Provide quick and secure access to patient information.

Save time and money, and
redirect resources to improve the patient experience.


*Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation. IDC. July 2017

Streamline Administrative Processes

Improve the efficiency of your administrative operations, reduce print
costs and paperwork, and free up time and resources.

  • Create the optimal print environment for your practice.

  • Track all copying, printing, faxing and scanning.

  • Digitise patient information.

  • Provide security of patient records.

Patient Care

Planning surgeries in 3D?

Business Innovation Solutions can help
you advance your practice to the cutting edge of care, with 3D printing solutions
that enable printing three-dimensional models to assist in planning  surgeries.

Multi-Disciplinary team meetings made simple...

When there are groups of healthcare professionals providing the care our interactive displays are the ideal solution.


Users can collaborate either in-person or remotely in real-time to ensure that patient information is always kept up to date.

FXBSI: Healthcare Interactive Display Screens
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