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New Additions

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches Four A4 Multifunction Devices and Two A4 Printers in Colour and Monochrome.

New additions to the Apeos and ApeosPrint series, with compact size and enhanced security features.

February 14, 2023 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia launches four A4 colour / monochrome multifunction devices and two printers, both available in colour and in monochrome, under the Apeos and ApeosPrint series.


Compact in size, the new products can be used in stores, counters, and other locations where space is limited. 

Ideal for businesses who have customers waiting for printouts at receptions or counter operations. These products have the same operability and major functions as A3 multifunction devices to contribute to business process optimisation.  

The A4 multifunction devices, Apeos C4030 / C3530 and Apeos 5330 / 4830, streamline operations to support diversified workstyles.

Main Features and High Productivity of Apeos C4030 / Apeos C3530 / Apeos 5330 / Apeos 4830

  • Apeos C4030: Colour and monochrome prints at 40 pages per minute

  • Apeos C3530: Colour and monochrome prints at 35 pages per minute

  • Apeos 5330: Monochrome prints at 53 pages per minute

  • Apeos 4830: Monochrome prints at 48 pages per minute

  • Equipped with Automatic Duplex Document Feeder that can load up to 100 sheets of paper, with One-Pass Duplex Scanning

ApeosPrint C4030 / ApeosPrint 5330

  • ApeosPrint C4030: High productivity of colour and monochrome prints at 40 pages per minute

  • ApeosPrint 5330: High productivity of monochrome prints at 53 pages per minute

Apeos A4 New multi-function printer
Apeos A4 New black & white multi-function printer
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