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Digitising your office for tomorrow.

Start today, start digital, stay Digital.

We recognise the need for strong, secure digital solutions, that can increase productivity and also futureproofing your office for the unforeseen. Our SecureScan Services offer a small step that can impact many processes across your business.

By digitising documents our customers have been able to recognise increased staff productivity, and reduced errors that occur with manual tasks. Digitised documents provides increased visibility of document security and access which in turn then improves control and compliance for our customers. Repatriated floor space for more productive use or reduced cost – and it makes sense that in a more secure, automated and digitised environment, your teams have more time to spend with customers making their experience the best your business can offer.

Our SecureScan Services have been developed specifically to manage five tricky areas of digitising documents that can often streamline, and to a large degree, automate your business processes.

SecureScan is a service solution to scan, index and digitise many kinds of documents; daily use or important archived documents; from personnel & partner files, customer contracts or historic fragile documents, cumbersome to store formats such as broadsheet documents, building plans and blueprints and even obsolete formats such as microfiche and film. 

Whilst ticking many boxes for our customers, our objectives stay the same – secure and complete compliance, with the ability to retrieve, add or dispose of digital documents in seconds, not hours or days. ​

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