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B5 Finisher with
Staple-free Stapling

One more finishing option for our Apeos C7070 and 5570 series is equipped with the Staple-free Stapling feature. The new Finisher-B5 QC100206 is used for:

  • Apeos C7070/ C6570/C5570/C4570/C3570/C3070 colour devices

  • Apeos 5570/4570 mono devices

What's new?

  • Uniquely developed Staple-free stapling function has been added to the finisher. Uses paper crimping method that does not make a hole in the paper.

  • Up to 10 sheets (60 - 80 gsm) can be stapled and you can select from single staple or double staple.

  • Both staple-free stapling and traditional stapling functions are available in one finisher, customers can choose the best stapling method to suit each print job's requirement.

Benefits of Staple-free Stapling

  • Eliminating the need for using metallic staples used by traditional photocopiers is extremely beneficial from a safety standpoint for Childcare Centres and Schools which are entrusted with the care of children from injury; Food & Service industry and Hospitals that must abide by strict health and safety standards to prevent any contamination or injury.

  • If stapled paper is stacked,
    the thickness is lower than stapled stapling.

  • It can also be used for shredders
    that cannot shred stapled paper.

staplefree stapling
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